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Make Out Monday is an alternative punk rock band based out of Los Angeles. Compiled of brothers Jeremy and Zack Shada, and long time friends John Spicer, and Seth Renken. The band came together naturally after a few jam sessions in Los Angeles. With the band’s diverse interests, their sound is influenced by multiple musical styles. Make Out Monday’s catchy songs, carefully crafted lyrics and contagious stage presence, have garnered a quick following in LA as well as around the world. Jeremy, who voices the lead character of Finn on the number 1 animated show, “Adventure Time”, was appearing at San Diego Comic Con in 2014, the same weekend the band had a scheduled performance at the House Of Blues, in San Diego. Fans from the con flocked into the show, to see the band for the first time, and were immediately hooked. When word got out about their performance, and the crowd that it drew during the con, other comic con promoters around the world began asking the band to perform directly at their events. Over the past year, the band has performed across the U.S. and as far as the Philippines and Australia, to thousands of Adventure Time, and now Make Out Monday Fans. Having released an EP in 2014 titled Kicking Cars, the band continues to write and record all of their own original music. They have opened for New Politics, and have even co-headlined and performed on stage with DMC of RUN DMC.

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Make Out Monday
Make Out Monday01/13/2018 at 4:42pm

Times almost up to Preorder the album and other limited merch!!! Since PledgeMusic runs on (GMT) time zone, the campaign will officially end at 4pm tomorrow (Sunday the 14th) Central Time 😱😱😱 So if you or your friends still...


01/14/2018 at 11:04am
2 hours till you can download “Visions Of Hollywood” if you pledged. Let us know what your favorite songs are once…


Make Out Monday - Bullet For Your Sweetheart (Official Stream)

Taken from the new album 'Visions Of Hollywood' available for Preorder at PledgeMusic. Download 'Bullet For Your Sweetheart' there instantly with any purchase!


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